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Amigurumi Memes

PSY by Jessica Nevin Jessica Nevin says she is fairly new to crochet, and has just made her very first amigurumi figures for a friend’s birthday. Her chosen subjects? Popular 2012 memes! No doubt you recognize singer PSY dancing “Gangnam Style,” and the other is the IKEA monkey, with his warm coat. The coat is green [...]

Edible Spray Paint

You can spray a coat of gold (or silver, or red, or blue) on your food, and still eat it! Each can of this tasteless color coating will cost you €24,80, but hey, that covers shipping, too. Link -via Buzzfeed

A Television You Can Wear

Dave Forbes created this 60″ LED tv coat that’s powered by a 12V battery. Unsurprisingly, he designed it specifically for use at the Burning Man festival. Personally, I’d rather carry around a tablet or laptop so I could watch television myself, but I guess I’m just greedy like that. Link

Clothes Hanger Chair

Joey Zeledón’s Coat Check Chair is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s made from coat hangers and the steel bar from a closet rack shaped into a chair frame. Link via Not Cot

Lamby Baby Coat

Lamby Baby Coat – $29.95 Hippity-Hoppity! Easter is on the way! Celebrate spring in style with the Lamby Baby Coat from the NeatoShop. Dare I say it?!?! The Lamby Baby Coat from the NeatoShop will make your already adorable baby even cuter. Who would have thought that was even possible! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]