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The Late Movies: Coney Island Soundtrack

On this date in 1927, the historic Cyclone roller coaster opened at Coney Island. (You could ride it for 25 cents back then. Now it’s eight bucks a person!) The Cyclone was declared a New York City landmark on July 12, 1988, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 26, [...]

Now Open: 8 New Thrill Rides at America’s Theme Parks

Whether it’s for a day trip, a getaway weekend, or a full-blown vacation, there’s a theme park near you, and many of them have new rides to deliver the biggest thrills yet -if you’re into that sort of thing. 1. Dollywood: Wild Eagle The big trend in roller coasters is the “winged” ride, in which the carriage [...]

15% Off Smart Valentine’s Day Gifts

One of the items on sale is the Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Kit, which is the closest we’re going to get to having a giant Plinko board in the office. Here’s what you can do with it:

Roller Coaster Walkway

Photo: Eichental/Flickr Look closely. See something odd about the photo above? That’s right, folks – that’s the Crouching Tiger and Turtle, a roller coaster walkway in Duisberg, Germany. Kuriositas has the story: It stands about eleven meters in height and is part of the [...]

Euthanasia Coaster: The Suicide Roller Coaster

The Euthanasia Coaster, designed by London’s Royal College of Art’s student Julijonas Urbonas, lets you ride the last ride of your life. Literally. The three-minute ride involves a long, slow, climb — nearly a third of a mile long — [...]