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Meat-eating sponge observed on ocean floor

A bizarre carnivorous sponge shaped like a candelabra has been found off the coast off California. Known as the ‘harp sponge’, the species lives two m…

Twin Waterspouts

Photo: Tim Osborn / NOAA Coast Survey Tim Osborn, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coast Survey, was on Grand Isle, Louisiana. when he spotted something weird in the sky: "[A man] [...]

New species of sea snake discovered

A new species of spiny venomous snake has been discovered off the coast of Northern Australia. As if being venomous wasn’t enough, each of the scales …

Seal Pups Rescued From The Storms of England

When big storms hit the coast, adult seals can swim through the rough seas, but little guys often end up abandoned on the beach. Fortunately, the RSPCA is there to help treat them and care for them until the cool weather recedes. Best of all, we’re left with dozens of adorable baby seal pictures to [...]

Coast Guard Discovers Body, Which Turns Out To Be E.T.

The Coast Guard received a distress call about a body spotted floating off the coast of Old Portsmouth, Hants, and when they arrived they found that it was a creature from another planet! What they had actually discovered was a life-sized replica of everybody’s favorite turtle-esque alien E.T., which had been stolen from the home of [...]

Temple on Orkney predates Stonehenge

A temple found on Orkney off the northern coast of Scotland may predate Stonehenge by 500 years. While only 10% of the site has been excavated archaeo…

Mystery underwater object caught on film

A mysterious unidentified submerged object was filmed off the coast of Sweden this month. The encounter has hit headlines in Sweden and generated inte…

Photos of Hurricane Irene Aftermath

New York City didn’t see as much destruction as they had expected, but many communities up and down the east coast were severely impacted by Hurricane Irene. Buzzfeed has a roundup of frightening photographs from various locations. This one shows Route 12 at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The damaged road isolated 2,500 people on Hatteras [...]

Dinosaur footprints found in Australia

An impressive set of over 20 three-toed dinosaur tracks has been discovered along the Australian coast. The 105 million-year-old tracks are the larges…

Invasive species solution : eat them

Lionfish have been invading reefs along the Florida coast and devastating ocean fish stocks. The solution to this may be quite simple – it has been su…