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Pop Culture Paintings By Dave MacDowell

Images of the Dude abound in the newest works by painter and pop culture junkie Dave MacDowell. They’re brightly colored, tongue in cheek dedications to the gods of geekdom. Gallery 1988 is currently showing the works of Dave MacDowell at their Santa Monica location now through June 2nd, and these works look even better in person, [...]

Animated Short – Apocalypse Pizza Video

(YouTube Link) It’s good to know that if we ever find ourselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse we’ll still be able to order out for pizza and a video! The team behind Apocalypse Pizza Video are hoping to turn their project into a feature film, and by the look of this trailer it could be [...]

Man Breaks Up Subway Fight By Calmly Eating A Bag Of Chips

(YouTube Link) You know you’ve seen some stuff go down on the subway when you don’t even bother to stop eating a bag of chips when a fight erupts right in front of you. You’re officially the Fonzi of snack food when you break up a fight while keeping a cool head and continuing to chomp down [...]

Dan Bull Raps About Why He Hates DLC

(YouTube Link) British rapper Dan Bull lays a rather eloquent smack down on the shady video game sub-industry known as DLC (downloadable content). Then guest star Francis (of YouTube fame) shows up and emphasizes how much they both hate DLC with some carefully chosen expletives. Well played, gentlemen, well played. (NSFW due to coarse language) –via Kotaku

Lazy Teen Superheroes: Fantastic Amateur Film Made for $300

How much money do you think it takes to produce a superhero movie complete with nifty special effects? Millions of dollars? Michael Ashton can show Hollywood a thing or two about budget filmmaking. He created this 13-minute short film called Lazy Teenage Superheroes (“Crime doesn’t take a vacation. But we do.”) for just $300. A bit NSFW [...]

Apology Form for Drunkeness

Letters of Note has a form letter from the 9th century found in western China produced by the Dunhuang Bureau of Etiquette. They had insisted officials issue letters of apology to dinner hosts after any embarrassing drunken escapades. The offender was supposed to recopy the characters in their own hand while inserting the recipient’s name. [...]