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Air-Lubricated Ships Blow Bubbles out the Bottom

To reduce drag on the hull, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new design blows bubbles from holes positioned on the bottom of the ship. This change reduces fuel expenditure, and therefore CO2 emissions and cost. The agricultural conglomerate Archer Daniels Midland has ordered three such ships, which should be finished in 2014. Link -via DVICE| Image: Mitsubishi Heavy [...]

Big Vortex: Power Plant with a Ski Slope

You don’t usually associate power plant with fun, but that’s exactly what Tim and Jan Edler of architecture and design studio Realities:United had in mind. Behold the Big Vortex, a waste-to-energy power-plant for Copenhagen that doubles as a ski slope, complete with a smoke ring generator to remind people about CO2 emissions: Each smoke ring, approximately [...]

Control Population to Limit Climate Change

As the world looks to Copenhagen for solutions to a changing climate, China’s vice-minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission has expressed a viewpoint that has generally been overlooked or ignored – that it may be more effective to limit world population growth than to limit CO2 emissions per se. As a result [...]

You Must Drive to the Recycling Center

David and Katie France of Dorset County, England thought they were being eco-friendly when they walked to dump to dispose of their recyclables. But they were met at the gate by an employee who told them they would have to bring their bags in by car! He cited safety concerns and warned the couple they [...]