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The Campaign Against Spoilers

Are you tired of your friends, family or co-workers ruining the plots of your favorite movies and tv shows? Then put these anti-spoiler campaign posters up all over the place and let the spoilers be forewarned-ruin the surprise and there’s going to be hell to pay! This is a hush campaign for the 21st century, [...]

Squirt Gun Pen

Squirt Gun Pen – $7.95 You are an optimist who is not afraid to walk on the wild side of life. The Squirt Gun Pen from the NeatoShop was made for you. Just remember it isn’t always wise to squirt your boss in the face with water. You might also want to avoid doing this to [...]

Pig Popper

Pig Popper – $9.95 Do you ever feel like hurdling something soft at one of your co-workers? Now you can! The Pig Popper from the NeatoShop, stress relief never felt so fun. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more piggy fun!

Get Along With Your Co-Workers Tea

Get Along With Your Co-Workers Tea – $9.95 Your co-workers don’t drive you crazy. You love them. They are like family. That Get Along With Your Co-Workers Tea in your NeatoShop shopping cart is not for you. You are just buying it for a friend. They aren’t lucky like you. Of course we know you are [...]

Donations Made To Imaginary Charities

Seinfeld fans are sure to remember the Festivus episode starts with George giving cards to his co-workers that claims he made a donation on behalf to an imaginary charity. In a perfect example of life imitating art, Care4Less is now offering you the opportunity to make donations in the names of your loved ones to [...]