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Cheating Scandal in a Harvard Government Class

A cheating scandal has rocked the venerated Harvard University: Harvard University is investigating allegations that almost half the students in an undergraduate class last spring may have plagiarized or "inappropriately collaborated" on [...]

Is “Dear” Dead?

Dear Neatoramanauts, Do you still write "Dear so-and-so" in your correspondence? No? That’s what author and CNN contributor Bob Greene noticed as well: Is "Dear" an endangered species? It would appear to be. You may have noticed that fewer and fewer [...]

The Internet Reacts to Obamacare

How did the internet react to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare? With memes and image macros, of course! The above image put together by by Gary He is a reference to CNN’s erroneous report that Obamacare had been struck down, which they corrected about 15 minutes later. See a gallery of the best reaction [...]

The Pint-sized Videobomber

(YouTube link) CNN is trying to cover an upcoming celebrity wedding, but the star of the segment is the kid in the background. If it weren’t for him, I would have no idea that Kim Kardashian was getting married! -via The Daily What

Flying Creature Diverts Plane

(YouTube link) A passenger on a Delta flight from Madison, Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia posted a video to CNN of a flying creature in the passenger section. The plane was diverted back to Madison, where the passengers were rebooked. A Delta spokesman said the plane was searched, but they never found the animal. The plane then [...]

World Record Swim Attempt

(video source) Reknowned distance swimmer Diana Nyad {wiki} is almost 62 years old. But she is swimming today, off the coast of Cuba, heading to Key West. She entered the water just before Sunset last night. This time, instead of a shark cage, she will be surrounded by an electronic shark deterrent. The swim, if successful, [...]

The Number of the Day: 50,000

McDonald’s plans to hire 50,000 new crew members on April 19 – raising their total number of U.S. employees to 700,000. Related Fact: McDonald’s sells more than 550 Million Big Macs every year. [Sources: CNN Money and McDonald's. See previous Numbers of the Day here. ]

SXSW: By the Numbers

CNN has launched some video content on Vimeo, that other video site that looks nicer than YouTube. Although CNN only has two videos on their Vimeo page so far, they’re quite nice — well-shot, well-produced, short, and evocative. The first is a nicely put-together look at SXSW (South By Southwest), embedding statistics into the video. [...]

Born This Way Blog

A Los Angeles based blogger by the name of Paul V. has created an interesting, sort of, online photo essay. The Born This Way Blog is a space where gay men and women are encouraged to post childhood photos and stories of themselves. The goal is to show that they were born this way. “People need [...]

Anderson Cooper Helps Kid During Looting

The earthquake in Haiti has had the world’s attention locked on its tragic aspects, the relief efforts, and even controversy. Now, CNN has video footage of their reporter, Anderson Cooper, stepping in to help a boy caught in the middle of a violent looting. The narrator says it, but I’ll say it, too. Graphic footage [...]