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Crockford’s Club: How a Fishmonger Bankrupted the British Aristocracy

Crockford’s Club in 1828. How about a bit of history today? Everyone loves a good rags-to-riches story, and and the tale of Crockford’s Club is a great one: a man who sold fish for a living smelled an opportunity to garner a little bit of the British aristocracy’s surplus wealth. And he knew just how to [...]

The Missing Links: The First Rule of the Anti-Flirt Club Is…

TED + The Onion = Onion Talks This skewering of TED’s TED Talks is hilarious and perfectly executed. * The Five-Second Rule: Debunked But not before countless generations have taken a chance on a recently dropped piece of candy. * Splendid Silhouettes I know three things about Olly Moss: 1. He is an artist 2. He has the coolest [...]

25 Great Deep Fried Foods From The Texas State Fair

Club salads aren’t the healthiest snacks out there thanks to all the meat and cheese, but when you deep fry them you’re ensuring that they’ll do more harm to your body than good. Even so, it’s still probably the healthiest option on this list of foods from the Texas State Fair. Link

The Missing Links: The Anthropology of Comedy

It’s Casual Dress Friday It’s Friday, so you may be at your office right now wearing jeans. If so, your office is one of many with a relaxed end-of-week dress code. If you’re lucky enough to be dressed down today, you owe it to yourself to know the history of business casual. * Does Obamacare Cover Robots [...]

How the Mantis Shrimp Can Revolutionize Body Armor

Mantis shrimp, which ironically is neither mantis nor shrimp, sure knows how to pack a punch. The bright orange fist-like club of the mantis-shrimp, which it uses to crack open clam shells, accelerates faster [...]

Hilarious Ad For The Dollar Shave Club

(YouTube Link) The Dollar Shave Club wants to sell you razors so you can get busy shaving your hairiest body parts, and with this ad cutting through the interwebs I’m sure they’ll be chin deep in loot in no time. Selling shaving razors club style for a few bucks a month doesn’t sound like the best idea [...]

Fight Club Rules 3 Through 8

While almost everyone knows the First Rule of Fight Club and of course the Second Rule of Fight Club, it occurs to me that there are five more Rules of Fight Club that are a lot less famous. Do you remember them? I sure didn’t, and I’ve read the book three times. [...]

Morrissey Hacked Into Google Earth

It was recently discovered that if you use Google Earth to view the Salford Lads Club in the UK you will find an image of the Mozster hanging out in front of the club, just like in this iconic photo of the Smiths from their The Queen Is Dead LP. Now that’s what I call a [...]

Street Sign Armor

Of course, prudent people are already prepared with full suits of armor in our bunkers, ready to wear. But those of you who are still sipping your lattes and going to book club meetings instead of getting ready for the impending collapse of civilization (hint: robots) should take notes from Ivan Owen. He’ll show you [...]

Reader-Submitted Quiz: Name the 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds

It’s Reader-Submitted Quiz Week! Our first one is from Chelsea Tymms. Each year, the American Kennel Club announces the “most popular dogs in America” based on the club’s registration statistics. Can you name the 20 most popular dogs in 2010, according to the AKC? You’ve got 3 minutes. Take the Quiz: Name the 20 Most Popular Dog [...]