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Why Do Moths Eat Clothes?

They don’t, technically. It’s actually their larvae, or caterpillars, that eat clothes, not the adult moths. It’s only a relatively small group of moths, the family Tineidae, that have any interest in your clothing. Throughout much of the US, you’ll only find two Tineidae species: the webbing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) and the casemaking clothes moth [...]

Photoshop Before Computers Existed

You may be familiar with vintage LOL cats that actually required posing animals in human clothing and props, but you might not know just how ancient faked photographs are. Unlike today’s hoaxes, which are often perpetrated solely for the sake of tricking gullible internet users, these early methods of trickery often involved making “tall tale [...]

Man-Heel: High Heels for Men

Short men have been wearing discreet "lifts" for a long time, but this is something else. Behold, the "meel" or man-heel, the newest fashion trend to hit the streets. Hairy legs and stilettos? Now [...]

International Space Station to get a Washing Machine

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will soon get a respite from having to wear stinky clothes: NASA is commissioning a washer-dryer combo: Imagine putting dirty clothes into a washing machine, leaving, [...]

The History of a Cheap Dress

This article caught my eye because only a couple of days ago I explained to my daughter why pajamas were invented: because once upon a time we wanted to keep our expensive daytime clothing clean and wrinkle-free because it was difficult and destructive to clean them. An essay at Etsy explains more about the way [...]

Extreme Ironing on a Freeway

(Video Link) Extreme ironing is a sport in which people take an iron, an ironing board, and clothing to extreme locations, such as mountaintops or erupting volcanoes. Participants then proceed to neatly iron the items of clothing. Security camera footage in the UK caught one man ironing in the middle of a freeway. That section had [...]

Humans wore clothes 170,000 years ago

A new study in to clothing lice has suggested we started wearing clothes 170,000 years ago. Humans have lived without body hair for over a million yea…

Wearing Light

Last night, talk show host Conan O’Brien revealed his holiday decorations (which includes Godzilla, King Kong, and the Christmas UFO) while wearing a Santa Claus beard composed of tree lights. He also sported a fiber optic topknot on his lighted hat. The costume was over the top, but it wasn’t exactly a breakthrough in illuminated clothing. [...]

Strange but nice wedding rings

Mental floss has a post highlighting some weird wedding rings.  There are quite a few unique designs and pictured here is one of my favorites, the intertwined rings.  I was also quite fond of the decoder ring and the ethernet rings (with male and female pieces).  I suppose wearing these rings would say a lot [...]

High Heels

I ran across some strange shoes today…well actually high heels. I think the picture says it all, but there’s some interesting tidbits after the link:  NYT on the Paris Fashion Week Killer Shoes