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Post It Notes Super Mario

Zach King of the Final Cut King raided the supply closet and created a tribute to Super Mario Bros. out of thousands of Post It notes. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Swiss Army Piano

Charles Hess patented this combination piano, couch, and bureau in 1866, intending it for hotels and boarding schools in which some bedrooms are used as parlors during daylight hours. Closet F holds the bedclothes, and closet G holds a washbowl, pitcher, and towels. Supposedly, the piano played just fine with all this furniture packed into it. [...]

Great Gays Out of the Closet Mug

Great Gays Out of The Closet Mug – $10.95 With the Great Gays Out of the Closet mug from the NeatoShop and a little hot water you can watch 14 famous gays bravely emerge from the closet. There has never been a prouder or more outrageous coffee mug. Who knew a morning coffee break could be [...]

Flowchart: Should You Have Hot Cocoa?

Should you have hot cocoa? William Sisskind of Socrates’ Closet crated the flowchart to determine the answer of this weighty question: Link

Baby Tuxedo Onesie

If you’ve have a formal event coming up and need some fancy duds for your high-class baby, consider this fine baby tuxedo available at Corduroy’s Closet on Etsy. Link Via Craftzine Image Via Corduroy’s Closet