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Temporal Cloak

While some scientists are working on an invisibility cloak to hide things, Cornell postdoctoral researcher Moti Fridman and his colleagues have been working on a “temporal cloak,” to hide events in time. A physical object or even another beam of light in the laser beam’s path could create a change in the laser light that the [...]

‘Fluid cloak’ for stealth submarines

A new approach to submarine design could help to keep them hidden from detection by enemies. The concept involves a “fluid cloak”, channelling water a…

The Sound Dampening Metamaterial Cloak

Researchers at Duke University have developed a cloak made of perforated plastic sheets that successfully dampen sound. The cloak is designed to prevent sound from traveling forward by guiding the sound waves through holes in the plastic sheets, thereby stopping the waves cold and registering the cloak as nothing more than a wall. Steven Cummer, [...]

Team develops "event cloak" concept

A team of physicists have come up with an idea for an “event cloak” that can hide events from being seen. The system would work by opening up a time g…