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“I’m So Happy,” the Muppets’ Gloomy Ode to Happiness

In this two-minute clip from The Muppet Show, two Whatnots sing a semi-tuneless ode to happiness. In a dusty room filled with cobwebs. Covered, themselves, with cobwebs. It’s a pretty grim situation. They’re pretty happy guys. So does this song make you happy or sad? It makes me ridiculously happy. My favorite [...]

A Little Too Close

In a clip from the BBC TV show Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Centre of the Planet, a scientist tries to get a really fresh sample of lava. Mount Nyiragongo volcano, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, contains a lake of lava in its caldera. When it starts to move, the lava can flow [...]

Headbuttin’ Bumphead Parrotfish

[YouTube Clip] Biologists think that the giant bumphead parrotfish use their big, bumpy head to break corals into tiny chunks, but Roldan Munoz of the National Marine Fisheries Service has found another reason: [...]

Swirling Spiral of Light Over the Middle East

[YouTube Clip] Last week, a swirling spiral of light was seen in the skies over Israel, Syria and other Middle East countries. Was it UFO? Naw, turned out it was just the Russians: The Voice of Russia reported that the country’s Strategic Missile [...]

Tube-Lipped Nectar Bat

[YouTube Clip] Meet the Tube-lipped nectar bat. The cute little bat has the longest tongue relative to body size – if you had a tongue as long as this guy, your tongue would stick out 9 feet. National Geographic’s Untamed Americas (which premieres this Sunday, June 10 at 9pm ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel) has the [...]

Industrial Light and Magic: Behind The Scenes of The Avengers

How did the visual effects masters at Industrial Light and Magic bring the Hulk to life in the blockbuster The Avengers? Scott Broock of The Daily has the behind the scenes look: [YouTube [...]

Geekiest Google Moog Doodle Performance Ever!

[YouTube Clip] Remember the Moog doodle that Google put up to honor synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog? Wired’s Underwire blog has a round up of the geekiest cover tunes recorded [...]

Sea Kraits Hunt in Packs

You know what’s scarier than a venomous snake? A venomous snake that swims like fish in the ocean. From BBC’s Planet Earth, here’s a very interesting video clip about the unlikely cooperation between banded sea kraits that hunt in packs: Link [...]

Riding the Space Shuttle Booster Rocket

If you love watching the Space Shuttle launch, you’d love this nifty video clip that lets you "ride" on the Rocket Booster (for both the launch and the re-entry parts). VideoSift has the clip: Link

Japanese TRON Dance

There’s a good reason why this YouTube clip of Japan’s Wrecking Crew Orchestra’s TRON dance routine is making the rounds on the web: it’s EPIC! The video clip takes a bit of time before it gets going, but once it [...]