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Women Who Have Just Finished Ovulating are the Best at Spotting Snakes

Now you know. Now you can be prepared — all thanks to a study by researchers at Kyoto University. They examined the speed at which women at different stages in the menstrual cycle spotted snakes in pictures: The fastest women were those who were in the so-called luteal phase of their menstrual cycle, or the stage [...]

Making a Study of Film Titles

The opening titles of a film can say a lot about what’s to follow. When I saw Napoleon Dynamite, I recall watching the opening credits – featuring names scrolled out across bland cafeteria lunches and school supplies – and thinking that the movie was going to be rather odd. Which it was: In the case of [...]

The Quick 10: 9 Miss Golden Globes (and one Mr.)

The Golden Globes are coming up this weekend, which means it’s time for a new Miss Golden Globe. Although the award ceremony has been around since 1944, Miss Golden Globe didn’t start handing out trophies until 1966. There were actually two Miss Golden Globes that year – one for film and one for television. The [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Really Bizarre Soap Opera Plots

I don’t watch soap operas these days, but every now and then I hear about a particularly strange event in Salem or Port Charles. Amnesia, false marriages, faked deaths, mistaken identity – those things are so old hat. I’m talking really out-there plots, like the 10 below. 1. Luke and Laura save the world from [...]