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Will global warming change our diets ?

There could soon be shortages of staple foods like potatoes due to the effects of climate change. A new report on global warming released by the Unite…

Could a nuclear ‘binge’ solve global warming?

Professor Peter Wadhams is concerned that the world hasn’t been doing enough to tackle climate change. With carbon dioxide levels increasing at an ala…

Climate Change Deniers Tend to Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Photo: Nicolle Rager Fuller/National Science Foundation Quick: what’s the connection between climate change and conspiracy theory? According to a new study published in the upcoming issue of Psychological Science, people who tend to believe in conspiracy theory are also more [...]

Could palm trees grow in the Antarctic ?

If climate change continues then the Antarctic could be transformed in to a lush forest zone. The prediction comes following the discovery by scientis…

Conversion of a Climate Change Skeptic

Physicist Richard Muller was skeptical of the whole climate change claim, but unlike most skeptics who are content to be just armchair critics, he did something about it. In 2010, Muller and a team of [...]

Antarctica was lined with trees 15M years ago

Parts of Antarctica would have enjoyed a warmer climate ripe with greenery around 15 million years ago. The change would have come about temporarily d…

Dirty Pool Old Man

Reddit user Climate knows we’re at war with the ants and he’ll do whatever it takes to win, even if it means luring them to their deaths with the promise of hot nude ant action. Don’t worry Antdude, we’ll let you live if you are willing to betray your own. Link Via BoingBoing

Climate change tree testing begins

Scientists in Europe are attempting to determine which trees will thrive during predicted climate change. Trees from around the world are being plante…

CIA keeps global warming research classified

Those hoping to find out what the CIA has learned about climate change are going to be disappointed. The CIA announced its intentions to research the …

Gray Whales Survived Ice Ages By Changing Their Diet

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Smithsonian Institution paleontologists have collaborated on a study of gray whales and how they survived so many global climate changes. The result-gray whales varied their diets and adapted to a wider range of food sources in order to survive. This study shows that whales may adapt quite easily to whatever [...]