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How Many Triangles are in This Image?

See if you can figure it out before you check the answer in this lil’ math pop quiz by Ethan Siegel of Starts With a Bang! science blog: Link – via Cliff Pickover’s Reality [...]

Belphegor’s Prime

Pi Day was yesterday, so today mathematicians who swore allegiance to the Dark Side are celebrating something more sinister: Belphegor’s Prime. Belphegor’s Prime is a prime number – you know, a number greater than 1 [...]

Kamikaze Ant

Scientists have discovered a species of kamikaze ant in the jungle of Borneo that blows itself up in a suicide attack in order to save the colony: Several south-east Asian species of ant in the Camponotus cylindricus [...]

Butterfly Curves

Tom Beddard of subblue created this nifty little Flash application where you can draw your own mathematical butterfly: Taken from Clifford Pickover’s book, Computers and the Imagination, is this experiment that creates butterfly like curves. The formula is expressed in polar coordinates as: By changing the A, B, a, b and c parameters you can get some [...]

Why Do Siblings Have Such Different Personalities?

Why do siblings – despite having much of the same genes and upbringing – grow up to be have such different personalities? NPR’s Alix Spiegel explores: Then in the 1980s, a researcher named Robert Plomin published a surprising paper in which he reviewed the three main ways psychologists had studied siblings: physical characteristics, intelligence and personality. [...]

Fractal Chess

Checkmate in 3 (Does anyone know the artist who made this originally so we can attribute?) via Cliff Pickover’s Reality Carnival See also: Neatolicious Fun Facts: Chess

Hole Through a Hole in a Hole

Found at Cliff Pickover’s always excellent Reality Carnival. It took me to get it! Previously on Neatorama: The Math Book: Milestones in the History of Math