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Plunge Waterfalls

Plunge waterfalls are those that fall so forcefully they completely lose contact with the cliff face. Not something you’d want to get too close to! Environmental Graffiti found 15 of these falls, and will take you on a tour of them through a photo gallery.  Shown here is Waireinga Falls in New Zealand. Link (Image credit: [...]

Coastal Erosion in Cornwall

(YouTube link) From what we’ve seen in the past few years, Americans may get the idea that everything in Britain is captured on CCTV, but it’s still astonishing that this rock slide was caught on video. The footage was taken of a cliff on the North Coast of Cornwall in September 23rd. The person taking the [...]

Climbers pitch tent on 4000ft cliff face

Don’t look down – a group of climbers ascending a cliff in the Arctic have to camp on the cliff face. Suspended by ropes and safety lines the climbers…