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Click and Drag

How big can one webcomic panel be? Randall Munroe pushes the limits in one xkcd panel. Click and drag to explore the world, but be aware of the passing of time. I still haven’t seen it all! Link  -via John Walkenbach

Ruby Slippers 2.0 Come with GPS Navigational Assistance

There’s no place like home. But what if you don’t know how to get there? Wizard Dominic Wilcox designed shoes that will lead the way. Just click your heels together: After uploading your required destination to the shoes via a piece of custom made mapping software and a USB cable, the GPS, which is embedded in [...]

Wide-Format Goodies

“QUICK SHOT” Link Some recently found spectacular imagery for your desktop wallpapers. Click to enlarge all images. Here is NGC 3031 (also called UGC 5318) galaxy and surroundings from the Global Sky Survey: (image via) Some delicious fractals: (originals unknown) A painter’s dream, a perfect studio: (a Photoshop ad, developed by Bates141 Jakarta creative director Hendra Lesmono, [...]

Super-Precise Automatic Musical Instrument

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Super-Precise Automatic Musical Instrument You may have seen this fake (3D animated) automated instrument before, made by Animusic way back in 2001 – click here. Now you can see the actual “Pipe Dream” real instrument in action! It’s been brought to life by Intel, and plays real music with real [...]

Amazingly Detailed Doodles

These drawings of Roman sculptures are comprised of thousands of tiny doodles that make up all the details. Be sure to click on the link to check out the details that make up these great artworks. Link Via BuzzFeed

Mental Breakdown: Is Virginia for Lovers?

Here’s another sneak peek at the September-October issue of mental_floss magazine. Click here to get a risk-free issue! [Click to enlarge] See Also: Mad Scientist of the Month: Who’s Afraid of Taylor Wilson?


Click and rotate the cells to line up the curvy red and blue lines. That’s all. You can see how difficult this puzzle is before you even start -but once you start, it’s hard to stop! Link -via mental_floss

Facebook Users Raise Alarm Over Posting of Phone Numbers

You may or may not have seen some warnings on your friends Facebook posts the past few days warning of the social network’s importation of all your cell phone contacts. While this is true if you use the Facebook application for your smart phone, the company denies that is publishing all of your contact info [...]

How Fireworks Work

If watching all the fireworks shows last night got you wondering how those balls of light are actually created and manipulated, this great infographic can help fill you in on the details. Be sure to click the link to view the whole graphic. Link

Archived Goodness 1

See what catches your eye and if you missed anything: (click on any image to read the article, or click here for a list)