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11 Reasons Athletes Change Their Names

Lakers star Ron Artest made waves this summer when he announce he was changing his name to Metta World Peace. Although it’s one of the more extreme moves, it’s far from the first time an athlete has adopted a strange name. Here are 11 great (and not-so-great) reasons athletes make the switch. 1. To get more [...]

A Chicken Roasted in Clay

It never occurred to me before, but it makes sense: if you can roast a chicken in a clay oven, such as a tandoor, why not just wrap the bird in clay and stick it in the oven? Tasteologie has a video and pictures of chefs showing you how it’s done. Link | Photo: Williams-Sonoma

The Greatest Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Ever!

Artist Michael Kalish and the architects at Oyler Wu Collaborative teamed up to create ReALIze, “the greatest” sculpture of Muhammad Ali EVAR! The piece consists of an immense, two-story steel framework, more than five miles of cable, and more than 1,300 suspended speedbags. This feat of gravity, with the bags hovering like hundreds of upside-down balloons, is [...]

The Quick 10: Happy Birthday, MacGyver!

Quick, someone rig a cake using some duct tape, bouillon cubes and spackle! That’s right, it’s McGyver’s birthday on Sunday. It’s Richard Dean Anderson’s big day – he’ll be 61 – but it’s also the day Mac celebrates being born (he’ll be 60). To honor such a momentous occasion, here are a few facts about [...]

10 Music Award Ceremony Disasters

Lights, camera, disaster! Celebrities are like children, children with piles of cash and giant egos, and when you squeeze that many egos into one room during a highly televised music awards ceremony, something is bound to explode. From Kanye to Clay, check out these ceremonial bombs, with video evidence. Like the 2009 Tony Awards, when [...]

Can A Car’s Gas Mileage Be Improved By Adding Golf Ball Dimples?

It has been argued that dirty cars are more fuel efficient than clean ones for the same reason that dimples on a golf ball improve its aerodynamics during flight. The team at Mythbusters tested these hypotheses and found that a dirty car did NOT achieve improved gas mileage, BUT… For a full-scale test, Adam and Jamie [...]