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Zombified Video Game Characters

This fun series of illustrations by Swedish artist Go-MaxPower shows what classic video game and cartoon characters might look like as shambling undead. Of particularly hilarious note are the image of Ray Man eating himself, and an armless Street Fighter Ryu still trying to kick some tail. Link  –via DesignTAXI

Movie Trailer – Wreck-It Ralph

(YouTube Link) Disney’s upcoming animated feature is guaranteed to make hardcore gamers go squeee! with delight. It’s an homage to old school, quarter plunking arcade gaming called Wreck-It Ralph, and it stars John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman and Jack McBrayer, to name a few stars from this amazing cast. Fans of funny are sure to find a chuckle, [...]

Now That’s a School to Write Home About

My elementary school was a hideous mess of mauve, yellow and teal that looked like the early nineties threw up all over the walls. Middle school and high school weren’t much better although they were sure a lot more bland. But not all schools are so disgustingly ugly though. Redditor fawcan posted this great photo showing [...]

The Ten Best Video Game Bars

Destructoid has put together a collection of the top ten video game bars just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, all of which sound like a great place for a pixelated character to catch a buzz . If you want to chat with a bunch of people you don’t know, but don’t feel like braving the [...]

Pixelated Prince Of Persia In The Real World

(YouTube Link) The Prince of Persia may have been all slick and nimble in the classic video game, but when he tries to make the transition into real life he finds that the world isn’t a very pixel friendly place. Man, I need to get my own Keyboard guy! –via Obvious Winner

What Space Invaders Would Look Like In Real Life

This is a CGI model of what a Space Invader from the classic video game might look like in real life. It was created by digital artist Tom Carruthers, and looks super icky. If they’re just flying alien head things then what are they shooting at us? Spit, or even worse?! YUCK! Head behind the barrier, [...]

Post-It Notes Megaman

Looks like someone had a lot of extra multicolored Post-It Notes and a love for Megaman. What other classic video game characters should he try making with Post-It Notes? Link

Epic Metal Rendition Of Batman Theme

(Video Link) The Kings of Geek Metal, Powerglove, are back with another Batman related redux. This time around, they’re tackling the theme song to the animated series, and rocking it harder than it’s ever been rocked before! Check out the video, complete with classic video game graphics and the guys decked out in their most metal [...]

Classic Video Game Characters in the Real World

It’s like Tron in reverse – characters from beloved games of yore are stepping off the grid and invading our reality. My lifelong dream of having a drink with Q*Bert may finally come true! 8-bitscapes, a collaboration between artist Jamie Sneddon & photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson, brings classic video game characters to the real world, and the results are [...]

Video Game Characters in the Real World

It’s simple but, cute. Aled Lewis placed classic video game characters in appropriate landscapes. Here’s Street Fighter’s Edmond Honda applying the Hundred Hand Slap. Link via Technabob