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Space Taxi Music Video

(Video Link) Cyriaque Lamar io9 brings us this wonderfully bizarre science fiction music video. It’s the theme song to a 2004 German comedy called Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1. The movie is a parody of classic Star Trek and, just from the clips included in the video, looks promising. -via io9

Virtual Costume

Let’s state upfront that redditor adriannezy is brilliant. She wanted to participate in Halloween at work, but not wear a costume that got in the way. So she generated a QR code that, when scanned, reveals a picture of herself in a classic Star Trek uniform. She writes, “I’ve had groups of guys holding phones [...]

The Many Faces of Spock

Being a fan of the classic Star Trek series, it’s only logical that Ramsey Sibaja drew an homage of Spock re-imagined as various iconic characters: This is a homage and at the same time a parody of sorts for all us Spock aficionados. A what if, concept of Spock in different roles. Spock as Che Guevara, Spock [...]