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Wheel Clamp Man: Hero or Villain?

A caped crusader who named himself the Wheel Clamp Man found his calling when he got clamped one day. Now, the mystery man with a Zapata mustache and green leotard roams the city of [...]

New Clamp for Traumatic Wounds Inspired by a Hairclip

Dr. Dennis Filips, a retired surgeon in the Canadian Navy, saw a lot of traumatic wounds in Afghanistan. He figured that there had to be a better way for troops to stop blood loss immediately after a wound. So he developed a hinged clamp that can be snapped over a wound. Needles anchor it in [...]

Fake Logos From The Movies collects fictional logos or designs that only exist to represent a fake company in a film. One my favorite logo from film is the “Clamp” corporation from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, which was clearly a parody of Trump. What is your favorite fake logo from the movies? Link

Woman Fought Off the Car Clamp in a 30 Hour Standoff

No one wants a parking ticket, but not everyone has the fortitude (and bladder stamina, if you know what I mean) to fight one quite like this young woman. She fought the clamp … and won! A YOUNG carer from Salisbury took a stand against a wheel clamper in an ordeal lasting 30 hours. Jessica Davey, 22, [...]