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Thanks for Clearing That Up

So those astronomy books that I just threw away weren’t wrong? This newspaper correction, allegedly from the Ottawa Citizen, comes a little too late. Link -via The Agitator | Ottawa Citizen

The Random People Running Sweden’s Twitter Account

Most democratic governments claim to be representatives of their citizens, but few would be so bold as to let a random citizen speak out on behalf of the government. But in Sweden’s new “Curators of Sweden” project, the country is offering different citizens a chance to control the country’s Twitter account, @Sweden, for a whole [...]

Israel’s Richest Woman Can “See The Future”

Businesswoman Shari Arison, who happens to be Israel’s richest citizen worth some $2.7 billion by Forbes’ most recent estimate), has revealed a secret: she can see the future! This is much bigger than a parlor trick. In her new book published this summer in Israel, the 51-year-old Miami native says she felt the Indonesian tsunami sweeping [...]