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Vodka Saves Elephants’ Lives during Harsh Russian Winter

Oh, vodka! Is there anything you can’t do? Circus trainers claim two of their elephants were saved from the deadly Siberian cold by vodka. Emergency ministry spokesman Alexander Davydov said Friday that the elephants were in a trailer that caught fire Thursday outside the city of Novosibirsk, forcing trainers to take them out into the bitter cold [...]

Will They Survive the 70s?

The February 1970 issue of Circus magazine -which I probably bought at the local newsstand- asks the burning question of twenty musicians: Will They Survive the 70s? Four of them did not, and two did not even survive the year 1970. However, most of them are still with us -and still performing- 42 years later. [...]

The Super Wan Wan Dog Circus

(video link) The newest episode of The Cute Show from VICE shows us the Super Wan Wan Dog Circus of Tsukuba City, Japan. Many of the dog performers, all adopted from shelters, hold world records for various trucks! -Thanks JE!

11 Antiquated “P” Words From the American Slang Dictionary

As you might guess, we’ve got a lot of books here at the mental_floss New York office. One stands above the rest in terms of usefulness and pure entertainment value: the second supplemented edition of Harold Wentworth and Stuart Berg Flexner’s Dictionary of American Slang. This 1975 update of the original 1960 tome is unrivaled as [...]

Vintage Color Photos of Circus Showgirls

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to join the circus, then these amazing color photos of showgirls and other female performers from the 1940s and 1950s might just be the push you need. Of course, you might be disappointed when you get there. Life of a modern circus performer is most certainly different than the [...]

Elephants Assist in Tornado Clean-Up

(YouTube link) A Picadilly Circus show was canceled in Joplin, MO following the tornado that recently ravaged the city. Rather than packing up and moving out of town, the circus enlisted the help of its largest performers to help with the clean-up. A volunteer captured this clip of an elephant dragging a car closer to the [...]

Chimpanzee Investor Outperforms Russian Bankers

A Russian circus chimpanzee named Lusha picked stocks that tripled in value over a year’s time. Lusha was presented with cubes representing 30 different stock options and selected eight to invest money in by picking the cubes. Her chosen portfolio outperformed 94% of Russian investment funds! ‘She bought successfully and her portfolio grew almost three times. [...]

Thief Takes Van with Lion Inside

A thief in Wuppertal, Germany made off with a Mercedes Transporter owned by Circus Probst, apparently unaware that a lion was in the back. The van was recovered Wednesday morning with Caesar still inside. It is not yet known whether the presence of the lion led to vehicle being crashed and abandoned. It was found [...]