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Zoo to Send Orangutan to a Private Island to Quit Smoking

[YouTube clip] It’s hard to quit. So when zookeepers in Indonesia want to help Tori the orangutan to quit smoking, they decided to take drastic measures: Tori learned to smoke 10 years ago [...]

How Smokey Bear Helped Win World War II

Only you can prevent forest fires, but only Smokey could help us topple the Axis powers. © CORBIS Forest fires posed a terrifying threat during World War II. Fighting wildfires required huge chunks of precious manpower that otherwise could have been utilized for building tanks or guns. Infernos also swallowed up thousands of acres of wood, a [...]

Edible Ashtray and Cigarette Butts

Looks like some people had a great time at a party. Tons of cupcakes, sweets, and … what are those yucky ashtrays and cigarette butts doing on the table? Turns out, those are edible ashtrays by Miss Cakehead and [...]

A Different Kind of Fabergé Egg

Quick: what image comes to mind when I mention the name Karl Fabergé? Probably not a plate of breakfast. It may not be the opulent Easter eggs that bear his name, but Fabergé’s jeweled rendition [...]

How Much Rodent Filth Does the FDA Allow?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we’d do a little research into the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s regulations on our favorite holiday foods. We wish we hadn’t. Franck Boston / Because of the way foods are mass harvested, factory processed and packaged in the States, the FDA has to allow food companies [...]

Diner en Blanc: "Secret" Flash Mob Dinner for 10,000 People

Remember that flash mob you went to? Well, that ain’t nothing compared to this – what we can seriously call the mother of all flash mob: a “secret” picnic called Dîner en Blanc, where 10,000 participants gather to have dinner and dancing: Three weeks ago, in the golden light of an early-summer evening, thousands of Parisians [...]

A Great Portait That Really Stinks

Regardless of your feelings about smoking, I’m sure we can all agree that cigarette butts are pretty disgusting. After all, they’re essentially saliva and tar-filled packages that smell as bad as they look. Perhaps that’s what makes Jinks Kunst’s portrait of French musician Serge Gainsbour so memorable -it’s created entirely from cigarette butts. The artist spent [...]

Know Your Labels: The Stories Behind 5 California Wine Brands

As holiday parties approach, so does the specter of sipping from a small plastic cup of inexpensive wine as you make small talk. Ever wonder where the names on those bottles came from? Here’s the background on a few familiar California brands. Feel free to use these stories to spice up boring holiday party chitchat. [...]