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Cigar Box Purses Are So Passe

Besides, why promote cigar use when you could instead encourage reading with a gorgeous book purse like this one. Sure, some people might be upset about the destruction of a great book, but there’s always the chance that it was damaged before the cover was stripped off anyway. Link Via The Mary Sue

Guitar Built out of an Ammunition Box

After Tate Chmielewski first encountered cigar box guitars at a folk music festival, he started building musical instruments from unconventional source materials. This is an electric guitar with one EMG active pickup based around an old ammunition box. Link

Cigar-shaped UFOs sighted over Michigan

A witness has reported two cigar-shaped objects travelling soundlessly across the Michigan skies. The report, which was submitted to the MUFON sightin…

How To Make Cigar in Factory

Smoking a cigar is a great experience. It can enrich meals and wine or simply help you unwind from a long, trying day. What can enhance this already enjoyable experience is smoking a cigars that you made yourself. Seem daunting? Well, it’s not at all. With a little practice you’ll be able to make a [...]

Winston Churchill D-Day cigar discovered

A 33-year-old student has revealed a cigar that he was given by his grandfather at the age of 12 that would have been smoked by Winston Churchill …