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The Missing Links: Russia’s Secret Diamond Stockpile

News From the Springfield Precincts The election is still several weeks away, but at least we know how Homer voted: * My Favorite Phrase of the Week: Diamond-Filled Asteroid Crater The Russians may have a secret diamond source that contains TRILLIONS of carats worth of dazzle. * The Nutritional Value of Last Meals Earlier this week, Matt Soniak served [...]

The New Look Of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese, beloved icon of animatronic rock band pizzatainment, has been killed and replaced with the ratty little rocker you see before you. Childhood is now dead and rolling in it’s little plastic coffin, and token flavored pizza will never taste the same again. How are they going to make a mascot costume for this guy, [...]

Some Questions We Can’t Answer

Reader Adam writes: “Does the ‘E’ in Chuck E. Cheese stand for something? This has literally been bothering me for years.” My guess: Probably not. But now I’m kind of curious. Not curious enough to spend ten seconds Googling, but enough to open this one up to the group.

Growing Up in Arcades: 1979 – 1989

Photo: StevenM_61 [Flickr] Galaga. Centipede. Pac-Man. If these words mean anything to you, then take a trip down memory lane (and straight into your local Chuck E. Cheese’s) with the Flickr pool Growing Up in Arcades: 1979 – 1989: Link – via Dangerous Minds

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nolan Bushnell

His name may not ring any bells, but if you were born after 1970, chances are Nolan Bushnell had a hand in shaping your childhood. Let’s take a look at five things you might not know about this inventive businessman. © Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS (1985) 1. He Invented Pong Yep, Bushnell’s the man behind the video game revolution. He [...]

So You Want To Be Chuck E. Cheese

[YouTube Clip] Having a bad day? At least you’re not the poor schmuck who’s sitting with eyes glued to the screen watching the training video on how to become Chuck E. Cheese … oh wait … at least they get paid to watch the clip, what’s your excuse? CubicleBot has more employee training videos straight from the [...]