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XKCD Christmas Communion

Well that is taking Christmas fairly literally. I ate lots of red meat and drank lots red wine, does that count? I think it should.  -Via XKCD

Santa Solo Frozen in Carbonite

“I will not give up my favorite Christmas cupcake. I like Solo where he is.” Nonetheless, I think that the mightly Jabba will soon gobble up Heather Creegan’s funny cupcakes. Link

5 Questions: After Christmas ‘Sale’

Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz invites you to our After Christmas ‘Sale’


(YouTube link) This ad get pretty yucky as it goes along. It bet it causes quite a few people to head for a restaurant after Christmas. You can see a longer version if you really want to. -via Daily of the Day

Carol of the Mehs

(YouTube link) Sure, you can sing along, even if you don’t know the words …because there aren’t any! A Christmas treat from Glove and Boots. -via Tastefully Offensive

Sir Christopher Lee’s Heavy Metal Christmas Album

(YouTube Link) Sir Christopher Lee wants you to have a rockin’ good Christmas, so he’s released a heavy metal holiday album that will burn those boring old Christmas songs down. Mr. Lee has been working with heavy metal artists such as Rhapsody of Fire since 2005, and his first solo metal album Charlemagne: By the Sword and [...]

Operation Christmas Drop

(YouTube link) The people of Micronesia live on small, isolated islands, with little traffic and few modern amenities. The U.S. Air Force has delivered Christmas through Operation Christmas Drop for 60 years now. It’s an assignment every Airman wants. This large-scale humanitarian mission had relatively humble beginnings. According to the 36th Wing historian, the exact origin of [...]

The Late Movies: Christmas Lights Set to “Call Me Maybe”

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or enjoy the acoustical stylings of Carly Rae Jepsen, I think we can all agree on one thing: Thank goodness we don’t live across the street from any of these people. Kurtz House Chesapeake, VA And the award for most lawn inflatables goes to the Holt family. Orange County, CA Truthfully, this one scares [...]

25 Best Not-So Christmas Ads

Christmas oriented advertising has gone from traditional and conservative to wild and crazy over the years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s a collection of not-so traditional Christmas ads to fill your holidays with ho-ho-hos and give you a new perspective on the one they call Claus. Link

It’s Not Wise to Upset A Wookie With An Empty Stocking

Better remember to fill this stocking all the way up on Christmas Eve because wookies aren’t exactly happy when their stockings are left empty. On the upside, there’s nothing like a giant, appreciative wookie hug on Christmas morning. Link