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Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes

Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes – $6.95 Are you looking for a quick way to give your Christmas tree a some life? You need the Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes from the NeatoShop. The eyes come with a hole on top for a ornament hook. They also have an adhesive backing. With the Giant Christmas Tree Googly [...]

109 Cats Celebrating Christmas

Cats get a bad rap for not getting in to the the holiday spirit, but plenty of felines do have a soft spot for the holiday. In fact, BuzzFeed has a great collection of pictures of kitties celebrating Christmas. From cats climbing Christmas trees to kittens playing with presents, the pictures are all simply adorable. Link

Are Christmas trees making people ill ?

New research has suggested Christmas trees may be responsible for a whole range of ailments. Known as “Christmas Tree Syndrome”, the problem is caused…

Trail of Pine Needles Led to Christmas Tree Thieves

Three men were arrested for theft from the Notcutt Garden Centre in Pembury, Kent, England. They broke two CCTV cameras, but did not see others that caught their movements. In a scene straight out of the Special Branch files, police cars cut off all exits around the site after security staff reported the incident. Officers then moved [...]

Book Origami

El Paso-based artist Isaac Salazar folds and cuts the pages of books to create word and images. Here’s the story of how he started in the craft, as told by his wife Veronica: In 2000, we went house hunting and saw a model home that displayed some book art. They were very simple, kind of like [...]

Christmas Ornament Mobiles

They look like a floating Christmas trees! These are mobiles: tree ornaments suspended from above by invisible filament. So easy to put gifts underneath! Link to pictures. Link to instructions. -via Laughing Squid

Christmas trees show up with live ‘ornaments’

Colored balls and tinsel might be regular adornments for Christmas trees this festive season but residents in Anchorage are being asked to keep an…