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Alternative Christmas Trees

By Malte Bruns and Jyrgen Ueberschär Even if your Christmas dinner is at a fast food joint, you can still have a Christmas tree, as designers Malte Bruns and Jyrgen Ueberschär demonstrated. This French fry sculpture was their 2008 contribution to Oh Tannenbaum!, an annual Christmas tree design competition. Link | Project Website (Translation)

How to Make Deep Fried Beer Batter Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ornaments

If there’s a problem with Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, it’s that they’re too healthy. Zach Wilkins and Jason Medina have solved that problem by deep frying them in a batter made with Christmas-themed Shiner beer. Thread string through them, hang them on your tree, then eat the cakes when it’s time to take it down. Link

The evolution of Angels

It’s a common sight to see an angel on top of a Christmas tree, but where did these beings originate ? There have been many different forms of angels …

Portal Christmas Tree

Will Santa be confused by where to put the presents? No. Kudos to the brilliant but so far unknown crafter responsible for this Christmas tree. -via Super Punch

A Christmas Tree Made Out Of Bacon

(YouTube Link) The guys from Epic Meal Time are no strangers to bacon, in fact, it’s safe to say that their entire career rests on the back of those sizzling strips of pork. But this time they have stepped up their game to an epic level, creating this monster Christmas tree made from over 2000 pieces of [...]

Are Christmas trees making people ill ?

New research has suggested Christmas trees may be responsible for a whole range of ailments. Known as “Christmas Tree Syndrome”, the problem is caused…

Chopping Down a Christmas Tree with a Shotgun

(Video Link) YouTube user Hickok45, who we’ve seen previously seen carving a jack-o’-lantern with a Glock, knows how to use tools in unorthodox ways. He starts out trying to chop down a small Christmas tree with a heavy knife but then adds a unique “attachment” that gets the job done. -via Everyday, No Days Off

Oskar and the Christmas Tree

(YouTube link) Oskar the blind kitten (previously at Neatorama) has grow into a good-sized cat -and he has a Facebook page. In this video, he wrestles that strange thing we call a Christmas tree. His friend Klaus watches from the sidelines. -via The Daily What

A Christmas Tree For The IT Department

Here’s an inspired idea for all of you DIYers with tons of useless RAM sitting around, a Christmas tree made of RAM chips that would make the ultimate geek gift. And really, what else are you going to do with all that 128mb RAM you have squirreled away in a box somewhere? Link –image via Adam [...]

Godzilla Christmas Tree

Allegedly, this is a picture of a Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree that appeared in the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall. Within minutes, it destroyed the mall. So, in retrospect, it was a really bad idea. Link -via blastr | Photo credit: unknown