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The Day the President Moved Thanksgiving

(YouTube link) This is more of a true story than it appears. In 1939, Franklin Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the next-to-the-last Thursday, in order to give retailers a longer Christmas shopping season. It was only in December of 1941 that congress set the date of Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday [...]

Christmas Shopping in a Hurry

(vimeo link) Ben Lean recorded these scenes in Toronto December 16-18 and presents the shopping frenzy in time-lapse for your enjoyment. Aren’t you glad you’re through with Christmas shopping? What -you aren’t? Ha! -via Nag on the Lake

On Christmas Shopping and Siri

This is my first post written with the help of Siri. Let’s see how well she does. Now, you might wonder how various commas and periods and ?’s get into this post and it’s really quite easy: all I have to do is say “period” at the end of a sentence. And a period appears. [...]

Why the Other Line Moves Faster

(YouTube link) The Engineer Guy, Bill Hammack (previously at Neatorama) explains why standing in line at the checkout counter is so frustrating, especially during Christmas shopping season. He also tells of a better idea, if we will only accept it. -Thank, Bill!

Neatorama’s Last Mystery Sale

Hello everyone! As you can probably tell by the banners on the blog, we’re having a Mystery Sale on Neatorama. The proceeds help support the blog and our fledgling shop (thank you!) For those of you who don’t know anything about it, the Mystery Sale offers an item you can buy for $9.95. What is it? [...]

Neatorama Mystery Sale – November 2009

Neatorama’s Mystery Sale – $9.95 It’s time for Neatorama’s highly anticipated Mystery Sale. What mysterious item will you get for $9.95? Well, we wont’ tell you: that’s the whole point of the Mystery Sale! But what we can we can tell you is this: you’ll get something (or a combination of things) worth *at least* $9.95. It [...]

From Blogs to Books – A History of the Web in Print

Most people I encounter in my offline life do not surf the internet, and I think about all the rich content they are missing. The people I encounter on the internet work hard to spread interesting content, and are rarely rewarded for their efforts. But in the last few years, quite a few interesting ideas [...]