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20 Adorable Videos and Photos of Critters Celebrating Christmas

We’ve already posted videos and photos of animals having a happy holiday season, but just in case you still need more adorable holiday images, this Oddee article is stuffed with 20 fantastic pictures and videos of critters having a happy Christmas. Link

The Dalek Advent Calendar

I would love having one of these in my house except that I couldn’t help but feel like I was counting down the days to my own EXTERMINATion rather than Christmas. Link Via Craftzine

Inaccessible Gift

Redditor lahaff got his brother a Christmas gift and was determined to wrap it in a manner that would take all day to unwrap it. First, he welded it inside a metal casing. But that’s just the first step! See the rest of the process in a wordless photo essay that will leave you shaking [...]

Doctor Who Wrapping Paper

Etsy seller merrypranxster sells handmade wrapping paper in lovely Doctor Who designs like these daleks or a floating TARDIS. But that’s not all! You’ll find gift wrap featuring the Vulcan salute, the Rebel Alliance symbol, and Cthulhu in her shop too, for an extra-geeky Christmas. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

Murder Ink Sticky Notes

Murder Ink Sticky Notepad and Pen – $7.95 | More Fun Office Supplies Here’s a new and gruesomely nifty sticky notepad and pen combo over at the Neatorama Shop: Murder Ink. For just $7.95, it’s a neat stocking stuffer for Christmas! Link PS This Christmas season, be sure to shop early. I know that a lot of stores [...]