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Inaccessible Gift

Redditor lahaff got his brother a Christmas gift and was determined to wrap it in a manner that would take all day to unwrap it. First, he welded it inside a metal casing. But that’s just the first step! See the rest of the process in a wordless photo essay that will leave you shaking [...]

A Christmas Trololo

(YouTube link) The Gifford Children’s Choir of Racine, Wisconsin perform Trolololo (previously at Neatorama) as a Christmas gift to the people on the internet! Link -via The Daily What

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray – $6.45 How do you make sure that your next party is unsinkable? The answer may just be in your drinks. Just added to the Neatorama Shop’s Christmas Special, where every purchase gets you a free Mystery Bonus. At just $6.45 (the cheapest price on the Net, I might add) it’ll make [...]

Fisticup: Coffee Mug with Brass Knuckle Handle

Fisticup – $14.95 For many of us, mornings are rough. If so, fight back with a strong cup of coffee and a coffee mug that’s tough enough to carry you through the day. Behold, the Fisticup. Strangely, this will work well as a Christmas gift because nothing says “I Love You, Dad” like a coffee mug [...]