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Drunk Driver Pees into Breathalyzer Equipment, Fails Sobriety Test

If you’re going to fail a sobriety test, you might as well do so with panache, as one man in Christchurch, New Zealand di: After Thompson recorded a breath-alcohol reading of 1137mcg/L at the police station, a police officer was completing paperwork when he heard the sound of running water, according to the summary of facts. He [...]

Airline pilot startled by flying shark

A passenger jet pilot coming in to land was startled by a flying shark over Christchurch in New Zealand. The pilot had been preparing to land when he …

Honeybees Trained To Smell TB

Bees have an impressive sense of smell and New Zealand biologists now believe they may be able to train them to help identify people with tuberculosis by the faint floral odor victims of the disease develop. “When we tested them with the tuberculosis odours we found the bees can still smell it down to parts [...]

Couple Encounters 6 Natural Disasters on Honeymoon

Stefan and Erika Svanstrom of Stockholm have had an eventful honeymoon. So far, they’ve endured a snowstorm in Munich, Germany, a cyclone that struck Cairns, Australia, the floods of Brisbane, Australia, the wildfires in Perth, Australia, the earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand, and then the earthquake in Japan: The family returned to Stockholm on March [...]

New Zealand’s Deadliest Earthquake: Napier, 1931

My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch, New Zealand, who were hit yesterday by a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Scores have died, hundreds more are injured, major portions of the city have been damaged by the quake and its numerous aftershocks, and scenes of the disaster are popping up across the web. The [...]

Awakening spirits after an earthquake

A paranormal investigator has suggested that earthquakes can increase paranormal activity. Anton Heyrick who founded Christchurch Paranormal Investig…