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The Periodic Table Gets a Makeover

Remember the periodic table you were taught back in high school chemistry? Well, it was wrong. Scientists are revising the way atomic weights of 10 elements are displayed in a new Periodic Table: The new table, outlined in a report released this month, will express atomic weights of 10 elements — hydrogen, lithium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, [...]

Gifts for Rockers

The Shredder Cheese Grater – $9.95 Got a rocker in your Christmas list this year? Then this Gift Guide for Rockers over at the NeatoShop will be music to your ears: Rock Out with Your Blocks Out Snapsuit – $8.95 Hot Hits Pot Holder – $7.95 Guitar of the Gods Magnet Set – $10.95 Binary Solo – $9.95. [...]

Scientists Do It T-Shirts

Archaeologists Do It in the Dirt, design by Chris Murphy – $14.95 Chemists Do It Periodically on a Table Cosmologists Do It in the first 3 Minutes Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction Statisticians Do All the Standard Deviations A new addition to our growing line of cheeky Scientists Do It T-Shirts, here’s one for all you [...]

Moai Way or the Highway!

Moai Way or The Highway T-Shirt by Chris Murphy – $14.95 Here’s a T-shirt for your favorite stubborn person. Ever hear ‘em say “my way or the highway”? Well, tell ‘em to move to Easter Island! Get a Mystery Bonus with every purchase of this Featured T-Shirt: Link | More Funny T-Shirts

Family Shmamily … I’m Here For The Turkey

Family Schmamily … I’m Here For The Turkey – $9.95 This Thanksgiving, after fighting the long lines at the airport, navigating the parking lot that used to be called freeways, and defusing family tension at the dinner table, everyone could use a little humor. So wear this T-shirt and hope that your family sees the humor [...]

Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction

Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction – $11.95, modeled by Zac. Ever been seduced by a geologist? No? Well, you can’t blame them – though they’re not well versed in seduction, they are experts in the art of subduction. Y’know, tectonic plate movements and such. And in case you’re going to get it on with [...]

Taxonomy: Keeping the Family in Order

Taxonomy: Keeping the family in order Got a loved one who loves to monkey around? Do you have an ardent Creationist friend who you’d love to poke a little fun at? Here’s a new T-shirt from the Neatorama Shop that will fit him or her nicely. The Taxonomy: Keeping the Family in Order T-shirt is designed [...]