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Dancing Buffalo Roasted Turkey

(YouTube link) Chow shows us how to make Buffalo Roasted Turkey in this all-singing, all-dancing musical video recipe. The turkey “dances so hard that it cooks itself.” If you find the dancing a little distracting, you can access the conventional recipe at Chow. Link -via Laughing Squid

Witch Food

Okay all you foodies out there, can you guess what this is? If your answer was a Butterscotch Broomstick with chow mein noodles, you would be correct. Also if you anwered that correctly and with confidence- can you make me some? For more pictures and info check out Cozy Walls. For the bottom part of the broom, [...]

Chinese Craze: Dyeing Pets to Look Like Other Wild Animals

A new fad is taking over China and it may be either cute or creepy depending on your take. People are dyeing their dogs and domesticated animals to look like pandas, tigers and other wild animals. What do you think, could this catch on in the States? With more money to spend, newly wealthy Chinese have [...]