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Turning Coffee Stains Into Art

If you ever thought your table cloth was ruined and worthless after someone left a nasty coffee cup stain on it, then you need to meet Jay Chou. That’s because the artist knows how to take those annoying brown rings and turn them into something absolutely stunning. To complete the piece above, Chou has a saucer [...]

Gummi Bear Candelabra

Three years ago, we featured a chandelier that designer YaYa Chou made out of gummi bears. She’s also made a candelabra from the same delicious substance. Link via Geektoplasm | Photo: Kevin Janow

Quantum Logic Clock 100,000 More Accurate than Standard Atomic Clock

Scientists have built a clock that is 100,000 times more accurate than the atomic clock currently used for establishing the official time around the world. It was developed by a team led by Chin-wen Chou of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado: The quantum-logic clock, which detects the energy state of a [...]