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Video Puzzle

(YouTube link) It took 238 takes for MysteryGuitarMan and friends to shoot this video using four iPhones. The preparation and choreography had to be just right! You can see a making-of video at Laughing Squid. Link

Astoundingly Lifelike Horse Puppet

(Video Link) The Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa made this amazing life-size puppet. Three puppeteers control the beast in such a way that it looks, acts, and sounds just like a horse. It’s a wonder of both design and choreography. -via The Presurfer | Troupe Website

Shadow Sword Fight

(YouTube link) In this Japanese theater production, a sword fight breaks out between our hero, portrayed by Taichi Saotome {wiki}, and the shadows that lurk around us. Creativity, special effects, and precision choreography come together to make something special. -via The Daily What