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Cotton Candy Art

(Youtube link) A street vendor in Ciqikou, Chongqing, China, goes the extra mile to sell cotton candy that looks like multicolored flowers. -via Arbroath  

Train Engineer Adopts Owl from Track

Guo Zuchun drives a train in Chongqing, China. One day he saw three tiny owls on the track and managed to stop the train before hitting them. They were too small to fly, and are believed to be victims of a storm that destroyed their nest. Two were given to a local wildlife centre to be [...]

Man drinks gasoline for 42 years

Man drinks gasoline for 42 years Gasoline powers vehicles all around the world, but a sick Chinese man has been drinking the sticky liquid for 42 years under the illusion that it can relieve his physical pain. Chen Dejun, 71, lives by himself in shabby thatched cottage on a hill in Shuijiang township, Nanchuan district of southwest [...]

More Crazy Intersections & Traffic Jams

“QUANTUM SHOT” #701Link – by Avi Abrams The only thing that helps while stuck in traffic is knowing that somewhere others have it worse This page will come as a stress-reliever for many – seeing how others are also battling horrid commute traffic jams and ridiculously complex interchanges every day. We covered this topic before – see [...]

Chinese Artist Huang Guofu Paints With Mouth And Feet

Chinese Artist Huang Guofu Paints With Mouth And Feet Huang Guofu lost his arms in a electric shock accident at the age of 4. When he was 12, he picked up a brush and started painting with his feet. By the time he was 18, he was selling his paintings on the streets of cities across China [...]

Baby Born With Heart Outside Body | Miracle Babies Born Alive Pictures

Baby Born With Heart Outside Body | Miracle Babies Born Alive Story And Pictures Doctors in China are battling to save a baby born with his heart growing on the outside of his body. Two-month-old Xin Xin has only a thin membrane covering his heart which can be clearly seen beating outside his stomach. His parents brought him [...]

Computer Gravestone

When Chinese computer geek Hu Chuang, 26, logged off for the last time, his family decided to erect an appropriate gravestone: Chuang, 26, from Chongqing, south west China, was so potty about computers his family had a headstone carved for him in the shape of a monitor giving his dates of birth and death. Stonemasons also included [...]

Five Star Public Toilet

A five-star-toilet, which is located in Bishan County in Chongqing Municipal City, opened to the public and attracted many near-by residents and passers-by to pay a visit.The toilet is not only equipped with a stereo system, inductive water flushing equipment and green dish gardens, but also has a central air conditioner that runs 24 hours.Since [...]

World’s Longest Re-fuel Queue

Taxi drivers in a Chinese city are complaining that they are having to queue for miles to refuel their cars. Cabbies in Chongqing can use either petrol or natural gas but they prefer to use natural gas as it is much cheaper. But a cold weather snap has led to shortages with production falling and more people [...]

Weird Food McDonald’s Sells Around The World

“QUANTUM SHOT” #597Link – Article by Chris Mitchell of Travel Happy, and A. Abrams McDonald’s Around The World: Marvels Never Cease, Especially in Asia If you think McDonald’s sells the same burgers and fries everywhere in the world, think again – here in Asia they’ve had to make some concessions to local tastes and come up with [...]