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Boys Choirs Dealing with Earlier Puberty

Over the past few years, you’ve probably read about how the age of puberty for girls is getting gradually younger. Surprise! Boys are affected, too. And the phenomenon is causing trouble for the world’s most famous boys choirs. At the venerable St. Thomas Boys Choir, where Bach once drilled pupils in their scales, leaders have redoubled [...]

Elderly Chinese Choir Takes On Lady Gaga

(YouTube Link) The elderly members of this Chinese choir show Lady Gaga how its done, remixing her song “Bad Romance” in a way only an elderly Chinese choir can. They bring senior citizen style and flair to Gaga’s slamming track, proving that you’re never too old to rock the party. –via BuzzFeed

8 Things You Might Not Know About Paul McCartney

Whether with The Beatles, Wings or solo, Paul McCartney has given us scores of classic songs that will live on through the ages, as long as music is enjoyed. Here are a few things you may not have known about Sir Paul McCartney, “The Cute One.” © Bettmann/CORBIS 1. He twice failed auditions to be a choir [...]