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Needle Felted Zombie Valentine’s Day Gifts

Psshh…chocolates are so twentieth century. In a world that’s obsessed with zombies, there’s no better Valentine’s gift than a simple, handmade set of zombie monsters. You can buy you own set over at Etsy. Link Via CraftZine

Old Man Accused of Raping 4 Thai Sisters

A 90-year-old Australian was arrested and charged with raping four young sisters whom he allegedly lured to his home in Thailand with imported chocolates and English lessons, police said Wednesday.One girl was 5 when the alleged abuse began. The sisters are now 7 to 15, police said.Karl Joseph Kraus was arrested Tuesday at his home [...]

Humans Skulls Recreated in Chocolate

To me these solid chocolate skulls are an example of both confectionary making and art. They are cast from REAL human skulls and come in a choice of chocolate including Fair Trade 80 per cent cocoa. There is also their bone chocolate – blended Belgian milk and white chocolates, resembling the colour of freshly cleaned [...]