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Chocolate Kiwifruit Popsicles

To make this delicious concoction, peel and slice kiwifruits into rounds one inch thick. Dip them in a mixture of chocolate and coconut oil, allow the chocolate to cool, then freeze them. They look amazing! Link -via Foodbeast

Color of Food Container Makes The Food and Drink Tastier

How delicious is that cup of hot chocolate? The answer may lie in the color of the cup as much as the drink itself: "The colour of the container where food and drink are served can [...]

The Surprisingly Manly History of Hot Cocoa

Before chocolate candy was developed, cocoa was almost always a drink. And far before chocolate milk became a kid’s staple, cacao was a manly beverage, reserved for warriors. Cacao was cultivated and consumed by the Olmecs and Mayans, but is most famously associated with the Aztec civilization. Montezuma the II, who kept a huge storehouse of [...]

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Peppermint Patties

Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips? Let’s choc it up a notch. Karylnn Johnston stuffed hers with whole York Peppermint Patties. Assembling them was as simple as folding two pieces of cookie dough around the patties. You can find her recipe at the link. Link -via Tasteologie

The Ultimate Caramel Apple

Photo: Cooking Classy Love Caramel apples? Me too! Who cares that December is almost upon us, I think caramel apples are always in season and these are the ultimate caramel apples. Brought to us by Cooking Classy you can find a recipe here. It is a fairly simple and straightforward recipe, but in order to recreate [...]

Angry Birds Macaroons

Photo: The Cookie Fairy Do you like chocolate? How about mint chocolate? And what is your opinion of Angry Birds? If you like any / all of those so you may love this recipe for Angry Birds Macaroons. Just looking at his cute little piggy face makes me want to eat him whole, maybe nibble on [...]

Non-melting chocolate invented

Food experts at Cadbury’s have developed a new type of chocolate that doesn’t melt in hot weather. An achievement even Willy Wonka himself would be en…

Chocolate Express

People all over the world – join hands. Start a chocolate train, a chocolate train. That’s how that song goes right? I think I might prefer a chocolate train (photo L’Avenir) over a love train. Love can be tough, but chocolate… …chocolate is always there for you. Chocolate doesn’t let you down or leave you [...]

Chocolate Excuses

I don’t really need any of these excuses to sneak a chocolate bar. Usually the line “I want chocolate” is good enough for me. That being said, I don’t mind being sweet-talked into eating delectable chocolate. Maybe it will help with the regret I am sure to feel a few minutes later when I am [...]

Vegan Double Chocolate Beer Bread

Eat Healthy’s sweetbread recipe is double chocolate fortified with cocoa powder and chocolate beer. The authors recommend using it to make peanut butter sandwiches. That sounds like a delicious idea! Link -via Tasteologie