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How to Eat a Chocolate Easter Bunny, According to a Very Important Survey

Toddler image via Shutterstock According to the BBC, 74% of American children say chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first. Happy Easter!

Zombie Bunnies

Miss Demeanor at Criminal Crafts was going to buy some zombie chocolate Easter bunnies, but the vendor was sold out. So she made her own! If you want to try this, stock up on chocolate bunnies while they are available, and read the tutorial for step-by-step instructions (and more pictures). Link -via Boing Boing (Image credit: [...]

Dietribes: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

• First things first: when did this tradition with the bunny start? Most of the candy imagery we’re familiar with today – rabbits, ducks, chicks, etc. – comes from their association with springtime, as symbols of new life. But according to a German legend, a white hare (after a long winter’s slumber) would lay brightly colored [...]