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15-year-old girl receives bionic fingers

Chloe Holmes is the youngest person in Europe to receive the artificial fingers costing £38,000. Chloe lost all the fingers on her left hand to septic…

Freeze Dried Food: Not for Armageddon Survivalists Anymore

Usually, stocking your pantry with freeze-dried and canned food is something you’d associate with survivalists preparing for Armageddon – but there’s a new trend afoot: the Great Recession survivors are now doing it, too, as a hedge against future price hikes and job insecurity. “The price of everything is going up. I have no idea what’s [...]

Cat Tunneling

by Frederick B. Reitz, Ph.C. University of Washington Seattle, Washington Illustrations by Marian Parry I report here the first evidence that domestic cats exhibit quantum tunneling. Subatomic particles can make seemingly impossible, instantaneous “jumps” from one place to another. This has been known in theory for well over half a century. Numerous examples of it have been observed and [...]

Kitten Massage Therapy

(YouTube link) Nothing hits the spot like a kitten masseuse! These two are named Chloe and Bugsy, filmed when they were orphans at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA). Link -via Laughing Squid

The Haunted Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana bills itself as “One of America’s Most Haunted Homes”. It operates as a bed and breakfast, so for as little as $115 a night (plus tax), you can stay there and see for yourself how haunted it really is. The Myrtles Plantation house was built by David Bradford, who [...]