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New microchip rivals the human brain

IBM have developed microchips capable of rewiring themselves and mimicking the human brain. The chips are being hailed as the first step in a new era …

Exploring Space with Chip-sized Satellites

You have heard of space chimps, now it’s time for space CHIPS. Could the future of space exploration be to create tiny micro-machine sized space craft? Some researchers feel this will be the more economical form of space flight. Miniaturization will inevitably mean limitation—less power, fewer instruments, and reduced ability to store and broadcast data. But [...]

Paint Chip Mosaic

[YouTube - Link] Take 3,074 paint chips in 36 colours, a few glue guns and a bit of elbow grease. And what do you get? A cool mural, that’s what. Oh, and glue all over your clothes.  From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by spav.