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The 160 Million Dollar Bride

The age of giving heads of cattle as dowry may have come and gone, but the replacement may not be better: a Chinese tycoon has set a record by giving a dowry of more [...]

Bird Removed From Chinese Zoo For Screaming Obscenities

The next time you, or someone you know, is having trouble with a temperamental bird just be glad the little feathered bugger isn’t screaming out a bunch of obscenities! A zoo in Hubei, China got a big surprise when their Myna bird started screaming obscenities, which it had picked up from one of the zoo’s guests [...]

The Traveler’s Republic Of Tofu

(Vimeo Link) Culinary delights abound in China, and travelers who are wary of trying new things should watch The Traveler’s Republic of Tofu and see some of the great Chinese food they have to try. This informative video was created by Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of The Perennial Plate, and it encompasses two weeks they spent [...]

Pepsi and Chicken Flavored Potato Chips

That’s not drinking Pepsi while eating chicken flavored potato chips, but potato chips that are infused with Pepsi flavoring and chicken flavoring. Yummy! This product of both Lay’s and PepsiCo will soon be available in China: Cola chicken is a common recipe in China, with chicken wings tossed into a wok and caramelized in soy sauce, [...]

Cotton Candy Art

(Youtube link) A street vendor in Ciqikou, Chongqing, China, goes the extra mile to sell cotton candy that looks like multicolored flowers. -via Arbroath  

Beautiful Buildings Made from Ice and Snow

They don’t last long, but they are works of art for a short time in winter. Flavorwire has a roundup of homes, hotels, igloos, castles, and art buildings made from ice and snow. Such structures are found in Romania, Russia, Sweden, China, Canada, and the U.S. Even in New Mexico! Shown here is The Celestial [...]

Will China be growing vegetables on Mars ?

China has developed an ‘ecological life support system’ to grow food during off world space missions. The 300 cubic metre cabin has been tested in Bei…

Diving Pig Bacon

Have you heard that certain meats taste much better when their respective animals live stress free lives? I am sure you have. But what about when their respective animals live diving lives? A farmer in China’s Hunan province is claiming that his bacon tastes better because of his diving pigs. Huang Demin built a 3 meter tall [...]

100s of UFOs sighted along Indian border

Officials remain puzzled following large numbers of UFO sightings along the India / China border. Between August 1st and October 15th over 100 mysteri…

Siri Will No Longer Tell You Where to Find Prostitutes

Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant application built into the iPhone 5, is programmed to answer your vocalized questions. But for users in China, there are some questions that she will no longer answer: The inactivation came after Siri users found the popular voice-activated personal assistant on their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad3 responded to inquiries such as “Where [...]