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The Death Experience Room: To Be Reborn, First You Have to Die

Various methods of treatment involve being "reborn," but don’t you have to die first to be born again? Perhaps this will help: a psychotherapy in Shenyang, China, simulates death for patients by putting them in a coffin [...]

Eggs Boiled in Human Urine Are Apparently Considered a Delicacy in Some Parts of China

I hope that Google Translate is mangling this Chinese news story so much that its actual meaning is completely different that what it appears to be. Or that some reporter is playing a joke akin to April Fools’ Day news articles in the United States. That caveat (and wishful thinking) aside: it appears to be traditional [...]

Stuck in a Traffic Jam? Call for a Stand-In Driver to Take Your Place!

Like the proverb says, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Some entrepreneurial Chinese are finding that their country’s legendary traffic jam (how bad is t? One was so bad that it lasted for 9 days) actually present unique business opportunities: As wider car ownership leaves roads more congested in the country of 1.3 billion, motorists [...]