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The Reunion Box

(YouTube link) A family in Arlington, Virginia, had their chimney capped, unaware that a raccoon and her babies had a nest inside. The United States Humane Society came and removed the raccoon and two babies and set them free outside. But there were actually four in the litter, which wasn’t evident until the next day. The [...]

Man Waded into Tower of Bird Poo … For Science!

Photo: Chris Grooms/Queen’s University Ah, the glamorous life of a scientist. The working with expensive lab equipments, wearing those stylish lab coats and … wading chest-deep in bird poo?! Scientists at Canada’s Queen’s University discovered [...]

First ‘Santa friendly chimney’ created

A builder in the Cotswolds have built a chimney large enough for Father Christmas to fit through. Leo Paxton started work on the chimney after a local…

Boy, 8, trapped in chimney

A young boy ended up stuck down a chimney for hours after trying to wriggle down it to get a drink. The house’s occupants became aware that he was stu…

Missing man found in chimney 27 years on

The remains of a man who went missing in 1984 were discovered lodged in the chimney of a bank. Joseph Schexnider had been due to appear in court over …