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Bar Gets Pregnancy Test Vending Machine for Female Customers

Healthy Brains for Children, a non-profit organization in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, wants to reduce the incidence of fetal alchohol syndrome. So it plans to put 100 vending machines in bars to sell pregnancy tests. The idea is that women who suspect that they may be pregnant can check before taking a drink and potentially [...]

14 Essential Talking Points About The Berenstain Bears

With 300-plus titles in print and more than 260 million books sold, the Berenstain Bears are bound to come up in conversation. Here’s how to steer a predictable discussion about teamwork and manners to one on sex and panda discrimination. 1. Creators Stanley Berenstain and Janice Grant grew up in the same neighborhood in West Philadelphia, [...]

Slow Children Texting

Our pal Dan Piraro has updated the ubiquitous Slow Children Playing street sign into the modern age. I mean come on, playing? We all know that kids are into texting nowadays! Check out more at [...]

The Number of the Day: $5.5 Million

In the early 1980s, the Children’s Television Workshop was sued for $5.5 million by the owners of the Beatles catalogue, who said the song “Letter B” (performed by the Sesame Street Beetles) was too similar to “Let It Be.” Related Fact: The suit was dropped when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles library, and songwriter Christopher Cerf [...]

A Common Nomenclature for Lego Families

Children are rarely familiar with the names the LEGO company gives its various bricks and accessories. Giles Turnbull was delighted to find his son had his own terms for each piece. So he gathered more children, four in all, to find out what names they used, and assembled those names in a handy chart. Link [...]

School for Nervous and Backward Children

The Reed School for Nervous and Backward Children (1906) The University of Washington Libraries has a very interesting collection of over 450 print advertisements in local magazines, city directories, and theater pamphlets of the Pacific Northwest from 1867 – 1918. I’m particularly intrigued with this one: The Reed School of Nervous and Backward Children (1906). The ad [...]