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Man Discovers That Santa He Visited 13 Years Ago Is His Father-in-Law

Chris Burd, 27, was engaged to his fiancée when he and his relatives were looking through his old childhood photos. They noticed that one of them, taken when he was 13 years old, showed him sitting on the lap of a mall Santa Claus. That Santa Claus was his own future father-in-law: “My mom was going through [...]

Born This Way Blog

A Los Angeles based blogger by the name of Paul V. has created an interesting, sort of, online photo essay. The Born This Way Blog is a space where gay men and women are encouraged to post childhood photos and stories of themselves. The goal is to show that they were born this way. “People need [...]

Growing Up Heroes

Superman and Batman (1977) Growing up Heroes is a fascinating tumblr blog by Belgian comic book fan Franz Donovan, where people submit their old childhood photos of themselves dressed up as superheroes. From Wired’s Underwire Blog: Donovan pictures his online scrapbook as an exercise in nostalgia. “Growing Up Heroes brings back vivid memories of our own attempts [...]

We Want Your Halloween Photos

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, some of my favorite posts are the galleries of reader-submitted pictures, such as Our Readers & Their Famous Friends and Nerdy Childhood Photos. And we’re long overdue for a new one. Our next call-for-photos involves your best — or most embarrassing — Halloween costumes. Break out the dusty old [...]