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Quilted Rooms

Kay Healy, an artist in Philadelphia, quilted entire rooms of a house and put them on display at a local airport. It’s like relief sculpture, but rendered in fabric. Her designs are chosen from memories of her childhood home and the childhood memories of other people in her city. Link -via Lustik

Mickey Mouse and Friends Voltron

This, Neatoramanaut, is what happens when childhood memories collide. Behold, Chogokin King Robo Mickey Mouse and Friends, or what happens when Disney goes Voltron! Caleb Goellner of Comics Alliance has more: Link

What Plushies Look Like Turned Inside Out

Anyone who grew up with older siblings, especially older brothers, might already be familiar with the concept behind this series of photographs by Samuel Coendet and Lea Gerber of the design group Atelier Volvox-stuffed animals look weird, completely different, disturbing even, when they’re cut open and turned inside out. I am an older brother, and I [...]

Paul Bunyan-Sized Candy

Photo link I’m a candy fiend, but I don’t think even I could tackle these massive sweets. Alas, they’re not really edible – each of the four pieces created by student Nicola Freeman are made of plaster and/or resin. She finds inspiration in artists like Jeff Koons and Claes Oldenburg and wanted her work to make [...]